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Art and Music


Art History Resources on the Web
Links to information on many eras of art history.

An online encyclopedia with information about artists and links to various websites about art.
A web portal to information about 20th century contemporary and visual artists.  Includes a photo of each artist, biographical information and information about their work.

Links to artists' biographies as well as information about various styles and movements in art history and different types of materials and techniques used in art.

Art Institute of Chicago
Plan a visit to the Art Institute of Chicago or view digital photographs of some of the items in the musem's extensive collection.

Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum
View digital photographs of many of the Mexican art items in this museum or plan a visit.

Museum of Contemporary Art
Plan a visit to Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art and learn more about the exhibits there.

National Gallery of Art
Online tours of our national art museum plus information about artists and their work.

Oriental Institute Museum
Provides a wide variety of resources about art from the Far East.

Smart Museum of Art at University of Chicago
Plan a visit or view the digital images and information about over 10,000 of the items in the museum's collection.

Terra Museum of American Art
Online information about American Art.

Brief biographical information about some of the Western world's most famous painters.  Also includes digital photographs of some of each artist's work.


Essentials of Music
Basic information about periods of music history, biographies of classical composers and a glossary of musical terms.

Instrument Encyclopedia
Information on many different types of musical instruments from around the globe.

Old Town School of Folk Music
Information about folk artists and their songs, performance schedules and more.

Listen to music, create your music, access information about musical history and styles and learn how different musical instruments work.