1000 Books Before Kindergarten logo With Gail Borden Public Library

Learning to read begins long before a child starts kindergarten. Reading to your child is the best way to prepare them for learning to read and for Kindergarten!

Any child from birth to entering Kindergarten can participate in this self-paced early literacy program. 

Is it easy? Yes! If you read one book per night, you'll reach one thousand books before three years have passed! 

Download this information sheet.

Download and print the first tracking sheet to begin counting your books! 

See this information in Spanish.

One Read together! Track the number of books you share on the library sheet. Repetition is great for learning, so feel free to read the same title again and again.
Two When you finish the first 100 books, bring your completed sheet to the Early Learning Center to pick up a small prize and receive your family folder.
Three Keep repeating this process, picking up sheets for your next 100 books and getting prizes, until you reach the 1000-book goal. Prizes at each level may be different. After reading 300 books, for example, the prize will be a tote bag to carry your library books.
Four When you reach 1000 books, you will receive a certificate for completing the program and will be invited to our annual graduation party.
Five Continue to enjoy reading together.
If you read ONE book per night, you’ll reach 1,000 books before three years have passed! Is it easy? Yes!