Picturesque Elgin 1908

b_0_0_0_00_images_photos_picturesque.jpg"Messrs McGregor and Whitstruck, publishers of this volume, have sought to place before the public, in as attractive form as possible, the beauty and business of Elgin, Ill., as depicted by the camera. This City, of 25000 population, is situated in the heart of the picturesque Fox River Valley, surrounded by the most beautiful of landscapes, and the most productive of fertile fields. Immediately bordering on rolling prairies, with wooded heights in the background, the City would well merit the efforts of some old master in depicting its natural beauties, to which scene the glimmering glow of Fox River would add its heightening effect of color and grandeur. Nor is beauty the only element possessed by these gifts of nature. That beautiful stream furnishes the motive power for many of the City's largest manufacturing establishments, from those hills and fields come the products which would make the City famous as an agricultural center were it not for the fact that this important phase of Elgin's industrial conditions is to some extent overshadowed by the immense factories and their excellent products."

- from  the Introduction in Picturesque Elgin.

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