Library Board Information

MAIN LIBRARY 847-742-2411
270 N. Grove Ave. Elgin, IL 60120
SUNDAY Noon-5pm
RAKOW BRANCH 847-531-7271
2751 W. Bowes Rd. Elgin, IL 60124
SUNDAY Noon-5pm

Donations to the Library

The Gail Borden Public Library is thankful for donations. The library accepts donations of new and used books, and audiovisual materials at the Main building at 270 N. Grove Ave. Library Foundation Volunteers sort through the items which may be used to enhance the library collection or provide inventory for the Library Foundation's on-going book sales which include the "Gail's Sales" room, an annual sale and more.


photograph of box with books

The following donations are accepted:

  • Hardcover fiction and non-fiction   
  • Paperbacks
  • Books on tape or CD 
  • Videocassettes or DVDs 
  • Music CDs or cassettes 
  • CD-ROMs or Video Games


  • When making book donations, please utilize the Book Donation Drop Box that is conveniently located on the North side of the Main Library building adjacent to the loading dock. Please place all donations inside or directly next to the Book Donation Drop Box.
More Information
  • Gifts to the library are tax deductible. The library is not in a position to make appraisals. A Donation of Materials form is available for your use and you may pick one up when you drop off materials either inside or at the outdoor donation drop box at the Main Library.
  • Please be aware that all donations become the property of the library to be used or disposed of in the best interest of the library. Due to the volume of donations and sorting procedures, it is not possible to reclaim materials once they have reached the library. If the items are used for the Foundation Book Sale, all proceeds are used for the benefit of the library.

Memorial Donations

  • Monetary gifts can be made in the name of a person or to commemorate a special occasion. The Library acknowledges memorial gifts by sending a letter to the person or organization designated by the donor. A customized memorial bookplate can be placed in the donated item upon request. For further information, call 847-742-2411 or make inquiries in any department of the library.