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Elgin, IL 60120
SUNDAY Noon-5pm
2751 West Bowes Rd.
Elgin, IL 60123
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127 South McLean Blvd.
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SATURDAY 10am-4pm
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Who may have a Gail Borden Library Card?

All residents of the library district are eligible for a library card.

Reciprocal Borrowers
Residents from other library service areas may borrow materials from Gail Borden Library. Please bring your home library card to our Sign-up Desk for assistance. For more information please read our Special Message for Reciprocal Borrowers.

Special borrowing cards are available to educators at preschools, private schools or any U-46 school located within the Gail Borden Library District. Please contact the library Sign-up Desk at 847-429-4597 for assistance for preschool through 8th grade. Please contact Melissa Lane at 847-289-5837 for grades 9 through 12.

Business cards are available for business or non-profit organizations located within the Gail Borden Library District. Please contact the Sign-up Desk at 847-429-4597 for guidelines.

Visitor cards are available to persons who are temporary residents with the Gail Borden Library District. Please contact the Sign-up Desk at 847-429-4597 for guidelines.

How to Get Your Library Card

To register for a library card please visit the Sign-up Desk at the main library building or at the Rakow Branch. Two forms of identification are required for registration; at least one form with your name and current street address must be presented.

Online library card registration is available for Gail Borden Public Library District residents only. If you do not reside within the district you must register in person at the library. After you register online you receive a barcode via e-mail, you will have 30 days to bring two forms of I.D. to the Library to receive your library card. If you have not come in during that time period, your registration will be deleted from the system.

For children, having a library card can be a great first lesson in responsibility. Materials checked out must be well cared for and returned on time. Whether or not children are ready for their own library card is a decision best left to parents and legal guardians, whose signature is required for all children under age 16.

Card holders are responsible for any items checked out on their card, including replacement costs for damaged or lost items. These will be charged to the card and must be paid in full. A word of caution: never loan your library card.

Viewing Your Library Account

Account information is available online through the Library Catalog.

After logging into your account, you have the ability to: 

  • view items checked out, including due dates
  • renew materials
  • sign up for GailMail
  • sign up for e-mail notices
  • sign up for text notices
  • change your e-mail address
  • Opt in & Opt out of My Reading History

PLEASE NOTETo protect your privacy, always log out of your account when finished.

Inactive Cards

Library cards are withdrawn from our system if not used for three years.

Acceptable Identification

The following is a list of acceptable identification to acquire a Gail Borden library card.

  • Driver's license
  • Current property tax bill
  • Checkbook
  • School ID (must have name & address)
  • State ID
  • Current bank statement
  • Current utility or cable television bill
  • Current credit card statement
  • Pay stub (current, with name & address)
  • Medicare card or current payment stub
  • Illinois motor vehicle registration
  • Mail with current postmark within 2 weeks & address

Lost Cards

Please notify the library immediately if your card is lost or stolen, or if your address changes. Visit the Registration desk to have a lost or stolen library card replaced.


For questions about library cards please contact the Checkout desk at 847-429-4690.