Census Pi(e) Day

Any way you slice it, you count!

UPDATE 3/13/20


Stay tuned for updated details.


UPDATES AS OF 3/11/2020


This Saturday is now an outside carhop event with a changed format and location.
It will still take place this Saturday at 11 am, but the location has changed from the Edward Schock Centre of Elgin to just down the street--outdoors at the Main Gail Borden Library parking lot.

Navigating by the 17-foot-tall inflatable census tablet that will be located by the library's parking lot on Grove Ave., attendees will be able to drive up via the Ann Street entrance of the library (north of the Library) and will receive free pizza and pie to enjoy in your cars. Your favorite costumed characters will be outside waiving - Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Dora the Explorer, Spiderman, and more. As you receive prepackaged pizza and pie being handed to you by gloved, bilingual staffers, you will hear why it's important to get counted so that Elgin gets its "share of the pie." When the pizza and pie are gone, the event will conclude.
We thank many partners for this event including the City of Elgin, Bear Family McDonald's and a number of volunteers.
When you fill out the Census form, you are getting counted for future generations and to help shape our community. Every person who is counted represents $1,500 in funding from the Federal government every year. That is $15,000 per person over the next ten years. Some of the Federal Assistance Programs that receive funding based on the Census count include Medicaid, SNAP, Section 8 Housing, the National School Lunch Program, Head Start/Early Head Start and much more.
For more information about Elgin's Complete Count Committee, visit gailborden.info/census.