Holiday Hunt

Welcome to the Virtual Gail Borden Holiday Hunt!

NEW elements have been added as of 12/14/20, including our behind-the-scenes hidden gems, additional staff members, bonus words, hidden elves and more.

Explore the Main Library, Rakow Branch, South Elgin Branch and Bookmobile by pulling your way through the virtual tour and finding some of our jolly staff members “hidden” along the way. There are 18 staff members and one special character hidden along the way. At Main, there are 8 on the ground floor and 7 on the second floor. There are 2 at the Rakow Branch and one each at the South Elgin Branch and the Bookmobile.  Happy Hunting!



Sound on!  When you find a staff member, a jingle will play, and the staff members will introduce themselves. 
Look around  Once you hear a staff member, that’s your cue to look around to find the secret word hidden somewhere in that photo. (Make sure your sound is turned on so you know when to look around for your word.)
Find all of the hidden words  There are 18 staff members and one special character with the hidden words throughout our tour. NEW! There are now an additional 6 bonus words to find! Keep track of the words you find on our game sheet here, or write them down on your own piece of paper.

Keep your eyes peeled

There may be more than one staff member in the same area, so make sure you explore each space thoroughly.

Take a break
NEW! Look for the Holiday Hunt Book Sorter Game and the Holiday Hunt Maze Game to take a fun break while you hunt. Hint: There's a bonus word hidden within one of these games. 


Once you’ve finished the tour and found all 14 of the hidden words, stop by the Main Library Drive-Up Window (during Library hours) with your finished game sheet to receive a Holiday Bookmark & candy cane. 

Found all 6 of the Bonus Words, too? You'll also get to pick up a cool light-up whistle!

Questions? Email us at and we’ll help you out. 


You can learn more about each topic discussed by our staff members below. 

Thanks for virtually exploring the Gail Borden Public Library with us. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday. Stay safe and healthy!

Feel free to hunt more than once as we will be changing it up from time to time this holiday season.

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