So you want to learn more about teen activism - but you've already checked out every book the library has. Where else can you go for information?

The MasterFILE Premier Explora database searches articles from dozens of magazines and other publications. You will need to log in with your Gail Borden library card to use the database.

Web Searches

Search either for a specific person whose name you already know or for a general term like "teen activist".

      • Remember, you can brainstorm and get ideas from lots of different websites, but you will want to stick with trustworthy, reliable sources when it comes time to take notes for your project.
      • If you are searching for a specific person, try using quotation marks. For example, search for "sharon li", not sharon li. If you know something about the person, add that to your search. For example, you might search for "sharon li" we care if you know that teen activist Sharon Li started a nonprofit called We Care Act.
      • Try using search limiters. For example, when using Google, you can limit your search to news articles, to articles published within a certain time period, or to articles published on a certain website. 

 Recommended Links

Need more inspiration? Check out the articles and videos below!

    • Marley Dias - At the age of eleven, Marley started a campaign, #1000blackgirlbooks, to collect books starring black girls. She donated her initial 1000 books to a school in Jamaica.
    • Jazz Jennings - Jazz is a transgender teen girl, author, and GBLTQ rights activist. She stars in the reality TV show I Am Jazz.
    • Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh Martinez - This sixteen-year-old has spoken before the United Nations about climate change. Here's a video of him at age 13.
    • Oceti Sakowin Youth - These members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe took action to stop construction of an oil pipeline that could pollute their tribe's main water source and destroy sacred land.
    • Maya Penn - Sixteen-year-old author, environmental activist, and CEO of her own clothing company.
    • TedxTeen Talks - This collection includes talks given by Jack Andraka, Memory Banda, Richard Turere, William Kamkwamba, and Tavi Gevinson.
    • Natalie Warne - This eighteen-year-old talks about how she became involved with the Invisible Children movement.
    • Joshua Wong - As a teenager, Joshua helped lead pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.