Gail Borden Library District Culture Statement

We are the library where imagination and transformation flourish, fueled by the power of community. Our values include striving to deliver extraordinary customer service with a friendly, dedicated, innovative and professional staff in a welcoming environment that celebrates our public spaces as well as our engagement with the community. We are guided by the library’s vision to work together to ensure all district residents are proud members of the Gail Borden Public Library.

This is our culture:

  • We are committed to delivering extraordinary, proactive customer service whether inside our buildings or out in the community. We want everyone to be “wowed”.
  • We manage public resources responsibly and use staff efficiently.
  • We are proud of our buildings and work to maintain welcoming spaces for activities ranging from quiet to high-energy.
  • We develop and nurture partnerships to build a better community.
  • We value and respect the differences within our organization and the community.
  • As we work with the public, we keep personal opinions to ourselves so that the library remains a neutral and respectful space for many differing views.
  • Each one of us is a library ambassador. We are proud of the library’s role in our community and how each one of us contributes to it.
  • We are committed to helping community members achieve their own success.
  • We are always changing—take a deep breath and dive right in! We support mindful experimentation and collaboration. When things don’t turn out quite as expected, we learn from the experience.
  • Every position is important to the work we do here for the community. We draw on each staff person’s individual strengths, thinking styles, passions, and experiences.
  • We set high standards and expect the best from ourselves and each other.
  • We are committed to continual learning and professional development.
  • We are caring and compassionate towards each other and the community.
  • We are ethical, honest, direct and open-minded. We treat each other respectfully, even when we have differences of opinion.
  • We leave room to experience joy in our work and celebrate our achievements because together we form a vibrant, engaged and innovative organization.