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Guided Reading Level Lists (Fountas & Pinnell)

There are many different systems in use for leveling books. The Fountas & Pinnell Guided Reading Level system is one program in use in the Gail Borden Library District area. Click one of the links below to search for books at that level.

Not sure which level your child is currently reading at? This chart shows how Fountas and Pinnell reading levels correspond to grade levels and Lexile levels.


Level A

Level B

Level C

Level D

Level E

Level F

Level G

Level H

Level I

Level J

Level K

Level L

Level M

Level N

Level O

Level P

Level Q

Level R

Level S

Level T

Level U

Level V

Level W

Level X

Level Y

Level Z

Level Z+

Beginning Readers

Beginning Reader books have a colored sticker (defined below) on the spine to make it easier for parents and caregivers to find the right book for their young reader.


Books at this level have strong picture support; repetitive patterns; and controlled repeated vocabulary.


Books at this level have increasingly more lines of print per page; typically 2 – 4 sentences per page at most and more complex sentence structure.


Books at this level have more text per page; richer vocabulary; greater variation in sentence pattern; and more formal and descriptive language.

High-Low Books

"High-low" books are written for reluctant readers and students reading below grade level. Our high-low reading list includes books that will appeal to middle-schoolers and high-schoolers. Most of these books are written at a fourth-grade reading level or lower. 

Autobiographies and Personal Narratives

Need help finding an autobiography for a school assignment? Visit the library to get assistance from a KidSpace staff member or, click here for a list of titles for elementary and middle school students.