To help you with your science fair project librarians have selected library databases, websites, and books that help with researching and picking out projects.


Reference eBooks
Search over 300 reference books from your computer.


Web Sites

Discovery Education - Science Fair Central
This website is developed by Discovery Education which specializes in digital resources to schools and homes with the goal of making educators more effective, increasing student achievement, and connecting classrooms and families to a world of learning. The pages about science fair projects do a great job of providing basic information, along with ideas, and describe the difference between Investigations and Inventions.

Science Buddies
This great site is put together by a non-profit organization. One aspect of the website that is especially helpful is the “Ask an Expert” link, which provides a personalized approach to “I Need help finding a Topic”. This site has tons of project ideas, and helpful hints at every step of the way.

PBS Kids - ZoomSci
This website, from the PBS TV corporation, offers kids a behind the scenes look at science projects that were featured on their show Zoom, and includes comments from students who tried these projects at home.

Library of Congress - Science Tracer Bullets Online
This is a great website from The Library of Congress, which explains how to find supporting information for your science project.

Illinois Junior Academy of Science
Think you’ve done a great job, and your teacher does too? Perhaps you could compete at the Illinois Junior Academy of Science! Check out this website for all the additional information about their competition, in addition to links containing science project ideas.

Books for Background Info

U-X-L Encyclopedia of Science

A great student resource for science and technology, also available online.

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
An excellent source for over 1,700 articles about science and technology.

Books of Experiments & Experiment Indexes

The Complete Handbook of Science Fair Projects
The source for showing you how to choosing a topic, how do conduct your research, organize your data, and presenting your results.

Experiment Central
This four-volume set outlines 100 science fair projects and experiments for middle school students.

Science Experiments for Young People
An index to help you find science activities for science fairs, lab projects, and class demonstrations.

Science Experiments on File
Science experiments in the earth sciences, weather, space, biology, chemistry, and physics.

Science Projects for All Students
Hands-on science experiments and activities for students.