The library lobby table may be requested by:

  • Non-profit organizations or government agencies participating in educational, cultural, intellectual, civic, or charitable activities to interact with visitors and provide information about the organization’s services.
  • Current elected politicians or their representatives to provide information and constituent services. The table may not be used for campaigning.

Please observe the following:

  • Organizations may request a table once per month for a maximum of one week.
  • Only one organization is permitted at a time in the lobby.
  • Solicitation is prohibited. Lobby tables are for providing information only.
  • The name of the organization must be displayed on the table.
  • A representative should be at the table during the time requested and/or responsible for maintaining the amount and appearance of information.
  • The table will be in a designated area of the lobby in the Main Library, unless determined otherwise.
  • Permission to use the lobby table does not constitute in any way an endorsement by the library of an organization or its activities, or its viewpoints.