Fine Free Frequently Asked Questions

I have fines on my account. Do I need to pay those?

No. All old fines have been forgiven.

Do I still owe replacement and collection agency charges or are they forgiven, too?

Fees for material(s) replacement and collection agency charges must be paid. They were not excused.

Are all material(s) fine free?

Some material(s) are subject to fines including, hotspots, Rokus, kits, Library of Things, DVD and Blu-Ray material(s) in media dispenser’s and other special collections. These material(s) are fined at $.25/per day, per item.

What happens if material(s) are overdue?

After material(s) are 14 days overdue, your card will be blocked, and you can no longer check out additional material(s). Once you return the material(s), your card will be unblocked and the fine will be removed from your card if the material(s) are in a fine free category.

What if material(s) are still not returned after the extra loan period?

After material(s) are 28 days overdue, you will be charged a replacement fee for the material(s). When material(s) are 42 days overdue, the account is sent to the collection agency and a $10.00 charge is added your account. If you return the material(s) the replacement fee will be waived, however the collection agency fee must be paid.

My card is still blocked. Why can’t I use it?

There are many reasons why your card may be showing as blocked. The most common reasons include you have fees over $10 for lost or damaged items, your card was reported lost or we received returned mail from your address. Please feel free to contact us and we’ll see how we can help you.

What if I use my Gail Borden library card to check out material(s) from another library?

If you check out material(s) from a library that does charge fines, you’re still responsible for paying any fines due to that lending library.

Will this impact the availability of popular items?

Our research shows that this should not be a problem. We will monitor and adjust our purchasing as needed.

Why is this a good idea for our library?

Slowly, we have been taking steps to decrease the impact of fines at our library, such as offering fine free kid cards, allowing kids to read off their fines, implementing automatic renewals and lowering the cost of fines. Being fine free removes a barrier to access our materials.