The Illinois Library Association awarded the Gail Borden Public Library  the 2006 Highsmith Award for Innovation.

 The Gail Borden Public Library District (Elgin, Ill.) has been selected as the 2006 Highsmith Award winner. The Highsmith Award was established by the Illinois Library Association to recognize a library's achievements in planning and implementing an innovative or creative program or service which has had measurable impact on its users.
The exhibit GIANTS: African Dinosaurs, created by Project Exploration, attracted visitors who had never crossed the library's threshold by featuring magnificent towering dinosaurs, fossils, interactive displays, and dynamic videos. The innovative and dynamic project designed and executed by the library galvanized the community through more than 50 partnerships, over 200 volunteers, 65 programs, and 12,000 visiting schoolchildren.  It captured a positive synergy that has reinforced the role of the library as leader in the community.
The project promoted literacy and readership by inspiring children to learn through an innovative, hands-on science experience connecting with families, kids on their own, and students.
The library has demonstrated responsiveness to its community by providing materials and tours in Spanish.
This award will be presented at the Illinois Library Association Annual Conference awards ceremony, 4 p.m., Thursday, October 5, at Navy Pier in Chicago. The awards ceremony will be preceded by a reception for recipients, sponsors, and designated guests.
For further information, contact the Illinois Library Association.
Carole Medal, the library executive director, said, "It is well worth noting the wide breadth of recognition that this community earned by working together to create a quality project.  This community and library were recognized at a national, local and now, at a state level.  We are proud of what we can accomplish when we pull together for the greater good and we thank the Illinois Library Association for this honor."