The following items can not be renewed
  • Video Games
  • Media Dispenser discs
  • AV equipment
  • Rokus
  • Launchpads
  • Kindles
  • Internet hot spots

Most items may be renewed if the following criteria are met:

  • The item allows for renewals.
  • There are no holds on the title.
  • The item has not been renewed the maximum number of times allowed.
  • There are no blocks on the account.


Renewal Options

  • Automatic Renewals

Any item that is eligible for renewal is automatically renewed two days before it is due based on the item's due date. These renewals will be noted on the courtesy notices that are sent via email.  You can also log into your account to check for due date changes.  Please note: Items won’t be renewed automatically if there are holds or any other renewal blocks.

  • On the Internet

Go to the account login screen     
Enter your Library Card number (only the last 7 digits are required);
Click on 'Submit' ;
Then,  follow the on-screen instructions to renew.

  • By Phone

Call our Telephone Renewal System (TRS) service at 847-742-3210 and follow the instructions.

  • In Person:

Bring the materials to the Self-Check for renewal.


When an item with a 28 day loan period is renewed, its due date is extended 28 days (i.e., four weeks) from the date it is renewed.  An item renewed today will be due four weeks from today regardless of its original due date.

Books (excluding Fresh Picks), music CDs, audiobooks, magazines and CD-ROMs can be renewed 2 times.  Each renewal is for an additional 28 days from the date it is renewed.

Non-media dispenser DVDs can be renewed 2 times.  Each renewal is for an additional 7 days from the date it is renewed.

TV DVDs have a 14 day loan period and can be renewed once for an aditional 14 days

Fresh Picks can be renewed 1 time for an additional 7 days from the date it is renewed.

If you are signed up for e-mail or text notices, you will receive courtesy notices two days before your items are due.