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What is Veterans Voices?

Veterans Voices is a program provided by the Gail Borden Public Library District that connects volunteer veterans with  students, teachers, and the community.  Drawing on the power of personal stories, Veterans Voices enhances and brings to life the experiences of veterans and honors their contributions.

Discover the true meaning of Veterans Day and service to our country through Veterans Voices:

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Panel Discussion



Veterans Voices


Harold Meyer - Marine Corps

Rob Braido - U.S. Army

Jerry Cowsert -  U.S. Army


Tom Lauterback - Air Force

Sergio Rodriguez - Marine Corps

Bob Getz - U.S. Army

Bill Baker - U.S. Navy


Our library employee veterans. Thank you for your service!

Wayne Schambach - Security
Peter Beaudion - Security 
John Johnson - Security
Jeff Speiss - Maintenence 
Ed Herdrich - Security
Brian Hoeg - Division Chief of Information Technology
Anneliese Hohmeier - Display and Event Assistant 


Here is a list from our Volunteer System of Active volunteers
with veteran status. Thank you for your service!

Marianne Bost

David Branham

Craig Braun

Jerry Cowsert

Tom Cowsert

Robert Getz

Thomas Johnson

Steve Knight

Thomas Lauterback

Alberto Lopez

Dale Moorhouse

Wellesley Scott

Steve Weber

11-11-2020 Veterans Voices