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What is Veterans Voices?

Veterans Voices is a group of volunteer speakers who hold "conversations with a veteran" at Elgin-area schools and other locations.

Conversations can be as structured or as formal as you like, and as small or as large as you like. Veterans will discuss their experiences during conversations.

Information on additional programs will be available in the coming weeks.

Getting Started

Q: Do you need to be an experienced speaker?

A: No! All that's needed is a desire to help young people and the community understand what Veterans Day and being a veteran means.

Q: What if I'm uncomfortable in front of a class? Can I talk with smaller groups?

A: Yes! Volunteers can meet with groups of all sizes, and the conversation can be as casual or as structured as you like.

Q: What do I have to do to be a volunteer with Gail Borden Public Library District?

A: Fill out a volunteer application to get started. After submitting the application, you'll be contacted for an interview. Another required part of the Library's volunteer application process is a background check.