**The Dinosaurs have left Gail Borden Library.  Please see photos and videos below that capture the fun and excitement our community experienced with the dinosaurs.**




Little Dino Scavenger Hunt






Did you like the dinosaurs you saw in the movie Jurassic World? Visit the Library to see the two-story-tall giant Jobaria—you will have to go to the 1st and 2nd floor to see all of him. You will find a flying pterosaur with a 16-foot wingspan and a fierce Suchomimus, who looked like a crocodile with enormous claws. The bones of the Dinosaur Giants were discovered in Africa by world-famous University of Chicago paleontologist Dr. Paul Sereno. The exhibit will feature:

Life-size Skulls & Skeletons

Real Fossil Material

Other Objects

  • Jobaria skeleton (adult)
  • Afrovenator skeleton
  • Suchomimus skeleton
  • Nigersaurus skeleton
  • Pterosaur flesh model
  • Carcharodontosaurus skull
  • Jobaria touch femur
  • Fossil wood



  • Expedition images with captions
  • Jobaria scale flesh model
  • Dissected Jobaria neck
  • Jobaria juvenile touch skull
  • Femur bench
  • Photo station (Jobaria femora)


 About Paul Sereno, Ph. D


Paul Sereno, a professor at the University of Chicago, works with students, technicians and artists in his Fossil Lab to bring to life fossils unearthed from sites around the world. Paul Sereno grew up in Naperville, a suburb of Chicago, and studied art and biology as an undergraduate at Northern Illinois University. Discoverer of dinosaurs on five continents and leader of dozens of expeditions, Sereno was also recognized as a National Geographic Society Explorer-in-Residence from 2000-2013. For more on Paul Sereno, Ph.D click here!


 Sereno Fossil Lab 


The Fossil Lab at the University of Chicago is a creative and learning space where students and faculty from the University of Chicago come together to study fossils from around the world. The lab is divided into a Research/Teaching Room, Collections Room, Fossil Preparation Room, Molding and Casting Room, and a Bug Room. For more information on the Fossil Lab and their research click here!





Guided Tours 

**Tours no longer available**

Cave Explore Adventure

The Library added some gigantic activities for more dinosaur fun:  

• Expedition with Paleontologist Map
• Cave Explore Adventure
• Build a Dino
• Fossil Dig
• Dino Photo Opps



Base Camp!

Meet at Basecamp in the Library Lobby.

Monday   7 pm

Tuesday   7 pm

Wednesday   7 pm Tour in Spanish

Thursday  7 pm

Friday  4 pm

Sunday 3 pm





The Tully Monster

The Tully Monster: The Unique Fossil Only Found in Illinois

Main Library Elgin Room
Monday, September 18      7 – 8:30 pm

Recently, a team of paleontologists from big museums studied our Illinois State Fossil = Tullimonstrum gregarium, commonly known as the Tully Monster. They declared to the world that it is a vertebrate...but now other experts disagree. What was their analysis and what is the story behind this very unique fossil found only in Illinois? Specimens will be available for you to see.

Please Register


Yes You Can! One Woman's Journey from Dinosaur Fanatic to the Paleontology Field

Main Library Elgin Room
Thursday, September 7      7 – 8:30 pm

Jackie Cooney's journey to success in Paleontology/Geology has not been a smooth one. Cooney hopes to demystify these fields and make them more accessible to all.

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  For more Dino-fun click here!




Dinosaur Giants




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