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Exhibit Open at the Main Library

Through August 13  

Have you ever wondered what's at the bottom of the ocean? Families will dive into deep-sea adventures when the Extreme Deep: Mission to the Abyss exhibit visits Gail Borden Public Library starting March 16. This interactive exhibit is designed for children ages six years and older and their families.



Extreme Deep highlights the importance of geology, history, biology and chemistry as well as technology in deep-sea exploration. Interactive activities will give visitors an opportunity to learn about life at the bottom of the sea. The exhibit will focus on hydrothermal vents and the creatures they support including white sea anemone, Pompeii worms, eelpout fish and giant white clams. 

**Presented by Evergreen Exhibitions in collaboration with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.** 



Visitors will enter a partial replica of the deep-sea submersible Alvin, which has made about 4,000 dives to the ocean floor to gather information about ocean life as well as explore shipwrecks such as the Titanic. Like the scientists aboard the real Alvin, visitors will test their own skill in gathering lava rocks, clams and other items from the ocean floor using a scale robotic arm.

Other interactive activities include flying an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) over a model of the Titanic’s deck and building a 3-D submarine. Videos throughout the exhibit will bring the ocean floor to life as visitors learn how the WHOI (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute) gather research from the Abyss. 



Alvin Interactives

Ocean Floor Research 

Ocean Life

  • Prepare to dive with Alvin
  • Drive the Robot Art 
  • Touch a real Alvin robot arm!
  • ROV Pilot
  • Build a 3D high-tech submersible
  • Oh, the Pressure! (Can you survive at the bottom of the ocean?)
  • Fish for Data
  • Full-scale model of the ABE ROV
  • Explore deep-sea shipwrecks
  • Deep Sea Dwelling Puzzle
  • Watch real footage from the ocean floor!
  • "Swim with the fishes"
  • Life without Sunlight
  • Take a Picture with Jellyfish!


Explore the Deep with our map!


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The Fox

Our Fox River: The Legend of the Fox

Dive into the water that’s all around you—the water you drink, bathe in, fish in and runs right through your very own city! Explore the Fox River’s importance to Elgin and the surrounding areas, take a closer look at the wildlife along the Fox River and find out how you can help preserve our most precious resource.

In partnership with the Little White School Museum, we highlight the importance of our Fox River ecosystem and conservation, featuring a brief history of “The Fox”. Who was “The Fox”? Jim Phillips grew up in Kane County and held a deep appreciation for the Fox River. He drew attention to pollution-causing companies and factories by polluting their facilities with their own waste. His efforts led to the establishment of the Fox River Conservation Foundation.

Our Fox River: The History Along the Fox

Discover the historical significance of the Fox River and how it helped shape the businesses in our community such as the Elgin Watch Company and the Elgin Eagle Brewing Co. from the mid 1800s to present day. Explore photographs and artifacts from that time, courtesy of the Elgin History Museum.



Fox River Interactives & History

 The Legend of the 


  • Beaver Dam Photo-op!
  • Gone Fishing on the Fox Photo-op
  • Sounds of the River
  • Watersheds
  • Then and Now along the Fox River
  • Ice Harvesting along the Fox River
  • The Fox: World-Famous Eco-Hero
  • His impact on the Fox River 
  • Eco-activism


  • Learn about the conservation efforts of our Fox River
  • What can you do?
  • The Water We Use
  • Fox River eco-system




Borden Boutique Stop by the Borden Boutique to purchase an Extreme Deep souvenir! All proceeds will benefit the Gail Borden Library Foundation.





Love Our River Day

CANCELLED - Love Our River Day

Main Library - Elgin Room
Saturday, May 12      9 am – 2 pm

For Families. Join us for a Fox River cleanup, including a data collection project, followed by a community celebration with live bluegrass music by local band Red Horse, exhibits, demos, awards and prizes. 

Interested in volunteering for the cleanup and data collection from 9 am - Noon? Please register at


Drinking Water 1-2-3

Main Library - Meadows Community Rooms
Wednesday, May 23      7 – 8:30 pm

Learn about best practices for ensuring safe and sustainable drinking water and issues facing communities in the Great Lakes region. Danielle Gallet, Manager at the Metropolitan Planning Council, will give a presentation. Danielle is a water resource strategist, urban planner and adjunct instructor. 

Sponsored by the Tyler Creek Watershed Coalition.



Click here for more events! 


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