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Teacher Cards

As a teacher at a school in the Gail Borden Public Library District, you are eligible for a teacher card. Information on teacher cards, including a permission letter, has been sent to your principal/director. A teacher card allows you to check out library materials for classroom use. the check-out period for most items is 28 days. **PLEASE NOTE: OVERDUE ITEMS CHECKED OUT ON TEACHER CARDS ACCRUE FINES.

The school is responsible for lost or damaged materials. You may use your teacher card for classroom collections for up to 60 items, 30 of which can be pre-selected. Library staff can pull materials for a special classroom project or books to enhance your classroom reading materials.


Classroom collections are groups of library materials for classroom use. You may come to the library to select the materials you wish, call in a request by phone, or fill out an electronic form by clicking Here. Requests should be submitted at least 48 hours, but no more than seven days, before you plan to pick up your items. Library staff will then select your collection of up to 30 items and you may check it out on your teacher card. To call the Youth Help Desk directly, dial 847-429-4685.

Initial classroom collections may be picked up from the Youth Services help desk. Teachers will be required to show identification and fill out a teacher card application. After they have been given their card, they may pick up their items at the Youth Services help desk or the Rakow Branch. They may not be picked up at our drive up windows.

When using your teacher card in April or May, please check the due date on your receipt. A shortened checkout period may apply.


School                                                           Public Library
Abbott                                                            Gail Borden
Bartlett                                                           Bartlett
Canton                                                          Poplar Creek
Centennial                                                   Bartlett
Century Oaks                                              Gail Borden
Channing                                                     Gail Borden
Clinton                                                          Gail Borden
Coleman                                                      Gail Borden
Creekside                                                    Gail Borden
Eastview                                                       Bartlett
Ellis                                                               Gail Borden
Fox Meadow                                                Gail Borden
Garfield                                                        Gail Borden
Gifford                                                           Gail Borden
Glenbrook                                                    Poplar Creek
Hanover Countryside                                 Poplar Creek
Hawk Hollow                                               Bartlett
Heritage                                                       Poplar Creek
Highland                                                     Gail Borden
Hillcrest                                                       Gail Borden
Hilltop                                                          Gail Borden
Horizon                                                        Poplar Creek
Huff                                                              Gail Borden
Illinois Park Preschool                            Gail Borden
Independence                                           Bartlett
Kenyon Woods                                         Gail Borden
Kimball                                                       Gail Borden
Larsen                                                        Gail Borden
Laurel Hill                                                   Poplar Creek
Liberty                                                          Bartlett
Lincoln                                                        Gail Borden
Lord’s Park                                                Gail Borden
Lowrie                                                         Gail Borden
McKinley                                                     Gail Borden
Nature Ridge                                             Gail Borden
Oakhill                                                         Poplar Creek
Ontarioville                                                 Poplar Creek
Otter Creek                                                Gail Borden
Parkwood                                                   Poplar Creek
Prairie View (Elgin)                                  Gail Borden
Prairieview (Bartlett)                                 Bartlett
Ridge Circle                                              Poplar Creek
Sheridan                                                   Gail Borden
Spring Trail                                               Carol Stream
Sunnydale                                                 Poplar Creek
Sycamore Trails                                       Bartlett
Tefft                                                             Poplar Creek
Timber Trails                                            Gail Borden
Washington                                              Gail Borden
Wayne                                                        St. Charles
Willard                                                       Gail Borden


Many teachers assign the same projects concurrently. To ensure that materials will be available for library research projects or assigned reading lists, please call Youth Services or stop by and fill out an Assignment Alert form. When we know about your particular assignments we may then reserve availalbe material. Reserve materials and information on current assignments are kept on our Homework Shelf.